Best Youtube Video Downloader Tool for PC

Downloading videos in various resolutions is possible with Snaptube. YouTube video downloader for PC lets you choose the features that best suit your downloading needs. On Youtube, the uploader’s works are protected from being utilized by others for commercial purposes, making it illegal to copy YouTube content.

Those users who want to save videos for legitimate purposes like watching them offline or practicing video editing with YouTube clips downloaded suffer significantly as a result of this. To help you save YouTube videos, we’ve compiled a list of the fastest youtube video downloaders for PC.

All Video Downloader

This free YouTube downloader for Windows 10 may also be used to download videos from other popular streaming services. You may encode movies to your specifications or download the audio separately.

The built-in accelerator makes it quick and easy to download your favorite videos. It is very helpful in downloading videos from URLs. You may also use the built-in search engine to look up videos and watch them immediately.


With this Youtube video downloader for PC, you may download and convert your favorite YouTube videos on Windows 10 in seconds. You may get your preferred movies from our site directly onto your computer with the help of this program.

Moreover, you may easily download HD films, VEVO videos, and even restricted videos for those of legal viewing age. It allows several users to download at the same time.


Gihosoft is a great and free YouTube downloading tool for PC users. When converting YouTube videos to MP3, the site allows you to customize the video with subtitles. Using Gihosoft, you may download YouTube videos and playlists in 1080P or 4K, or 8K resolutions, as well as their thumbnails. YouTube rippers love this one.


You can use it because it doesn’t need a plug-in. Streaming and downloading videos in a variety of resolutions are both possible with Snaptube, a secure YouTube video downloader tool. This downloader for PC lets you choose the best features that suit your needs.

With a user-friendly layout, Snaptube features popular websites, popular movies, and categories arranged in blocks. In addition to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many other social media platforms, you can use this app to watch some of the best YouTube videos ever made!

Also, you can share the downloaded videos to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others from the app.

Fast Download Videos for Windows

That is a paid video downloader with nearly all of the essential features. Complete edition allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, schedule downloads for future times, and adjust video quality to better fit your Android or iPhone screen.

It is necessary to pay for all of these services. Unless you want to pay for these additional features or want to save numerous videos for one-time usage, a free trial version suffices.

YouTube Video Downloader (Online & Free)

This online tool can download videos and audio in many ways. Like many other free YouTube downloaders, you’ll be sent to a different website when you click the “Download” button for the first time. If you don’t mind the restrictions, this free tool is a fantastic choice.

Steps for PC/Laptop Users to Download Videos from YouTube

Any version of Windows will work with this program. Follow the steps given below to learn how to download videos from YouTube.

  • Get the newest version of the YouTube downloader and select “download” from the menu to get started.
  • After it has been downloaded to your computer, finish installing it.
  • Double-click the program’s icon in the folder where you put it to launch.
  • Now would be an excellent moment to paste in the address of your preferred YouTube video.
  • Save the finished product in the audio and video formats of your choice.


Can I download YouTube videos to PC?

Videos that have been already posted may be downloaded. You can’t save a video to a computer if it hasn’t been uploaded. Videos may only be downloaded to a mobile device using the YouTube video downloader app on a computer.

On a computer, where do YouTube downloads go?

You’ll find the video at C: Users [your name] Downloads if you save it as an MP4. You can, however, alter the download’s destination by selecting a different folder from the list after selecting “Save as.”

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