Fast Download Audio from YouTube audio Library Directly

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform, with millions of people uploading content to the website on a daily basis. YouTube has provided a host of tools and resources to help its content creators. All these content creation tools can be found within the YouTube Studio tab. Youtube also offers a collection of copyright-free music within its audio library. You can include these audios and sound effects in your videos for free.

How To Download Audio From The Youtube Audio Library

If you’re working on a video project in an external video editor or software, chances are you will need to download the audio you wish to use. Here’s how you can easily obtain any audio from the YouTube audio library:

  • Go to and login to your account
  • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner. From the drop-down menu that appears, select “YouTube Studio.”
  • Once you enter the page, you will see multiple menus for managing your YouTube account on the left pane.
  • Scroll down on the left sidebar and find the YouTube “Audio Library.”
  • Enter the audio library. You will see all the copyright-free music YouTube has provided for its creators to use in their videos.
  • You can play and listen to the provided audio.
  • Once you have found an audio you wish to download, simply hover over its title.
  • The added date will transform to reveal a download button.
  • Click the download button, and select your download location preference from the popup window that appears.
  • Click save. Your file will begin to download immediately.

Is The Youtube Audio Library Free To Use?

The YouTube audio library is a great source to find royalty-free music for your videos. YouTube offers a free license for users to use any music from the collection in their videos. That being said, YouTube does have YouTube Audio Library terms and conditions. If you breach their terms of use, YouTube can revoke their free license, and you can get in trouble.

How To Download Other Audio From Youtube?

The music and sound effects provided by YouTube within the audio library are easily the most accessible option for new content creators. However, for the very same reason, these sounds are often overused within videos. They are easily recognized by the viewers as the generic music collection used by most YouTubers. If you’re looking for better music options for your video, there are other options. You only need to search within YouTube for a wide range of copyright-free music available for professional use. If you wish to download an audio you find on the YouTube platform; we recommend using our YouTube audio downloader.


The YouTube audio library hosts a collection of easily accessible, copyright-free audio. You can download any audio from the audio library directly or using our YouTube audio library downloader. Suppose you find any other music or sound effect on the YouTube site that you would like to download and audio. In that case, our YouTube audio downloader provides a fast and straightforward way to download any video as audio.

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