How to Download a YouTube Audio Using a Mac [Best Solutions]

Suppose you want to download only the audio from a YouTube video. Have no fear! This article will demonstrate how simple it is to download high-quality audio from YouTube using Our YouTube Audio Downloaders for Mac.

We know that often you may only wish to download YouTube audio on your Mac. Downloading videos or extracting the audio from a YouTube video is impossible through the official YouTube website. Therefore, you’ll need assistance from a different third-party YouTube audio downloader. Below are some suggestions:

Our Audio Downloader for Mac

We provide you with one of the most reliable audio downloaders for Mac. It supports various audio formats, so you can easily download or convert YouTube videos into your desired format, MP3 or MP4, on your Mac. This tool is recommended for high-quality audio extraction from a YouTube video. This downloader is capable of saving YouTube playlists without hassle.

iTube HD Downloader

iTube HD Downloader is the tool you should use if you want to obtain audio files of the highest possible quality from YouTube. This program enables you to download videos from YouTube, including YouTube 4K UHD videos, and extract the audios in your desired format.

It also has a download-all option that simplifies saving an entire YouTube playlist, channel, or category. iTube HD Downloader allows you to convert videos that you find on YouTube into MP3. Additionally, it will enable you to automate the transfer of audio files from YouTube to iTunes on your computer.

Mini Tool uTube Downloader

The best free and quick video/audio downloader and converter is Mini Tool uTube Downloader. It is a free audio converter for Mac that you can use to download any video in your preferred audio format.

The mini tool provides a high-quality audio file. Users of Mini Tool are not subjected to complicated navigation. It is easy to use as it offers an integrated search engine for YouTube.

This application also has several other useful features, one of which is automatically capturing video subtitles. Mini Tool uTube Downloader is a popular choice among users because of the ease with which it enables the user to enjoy an endless number of free music downloads.

The downloaded audio is of excellent quality, and the website does not annoy users with unwanted pop-up windows or requests for downloading additional software.

Elmedia Player PRO

The Pro version of Elmedia Player is one of the best Audio Downloader apps for Mac. Video to MP3 conversion is available in the PRO version only. However, if you use the app Elmedia Player you can easily download your favorite videos, convert them into MP3 format, make screenshots of the videos, etc. The app supports technologies including AirPlay, DLNA, and Chromecast.

Y2Mate Audio Downloader

You may quickly download audio from YouTube on your Mac or iOS device using an online YouTube Audio Downloader. y2mate is one of the most excellent online programs available for downloading and saving videos from YouTube in MP3 file format.

Select the YouTube video, copy the URL and load it into y2mate to extract the audio. The YouTube downloader will evaluate the content as soon as you paste the URL, presenting you with all the possible options to download the video in MP4 or MP3 format.

You may choose the .mp3 extension to download the music from YouTube on your Mac. Click the “Download” button to start the process.


As an endnote, we would like to mention that all these YouTube Audio Downloaders for Mac are reliable as tested by our team. We have concluded this list by considering users’ reviews and experience with these tools. However, before buying any paid subscription to the tool, you should always try the demo versions first.

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