How to Import Your Music from Spotify to Soundcloud in 2022

As someone who loves music, you probably have accounts on various platforms. Spotify is great for its huge selection and variety of songs, but SoundCloud is where you go to find the latest and greatest from up-and-coming artists. Wouldn’t it be great if you could import your Spotify to SoundCloud?

Well, luckily, there’s a way! We will explain how you can import your Spotify playlists into SoundCloud in just a few simple steps. We’ll also explain why you might want to do this and offer tips on getting the most out of SoundCloud. So if you’re ready to get started.

How to transfer Spotify songs to Soundcloud?

SoundCloud introduced the Algoriddim djay. It will help you to transfer your Spotify songs library to SoundCloud. Remember that you can only use Algoriddim djay if you have an active Go + subscription. You have to use the “tune my music” extension.

  1. First, connect your Spotify to this extension.
  2. Now load the music or playlist to Spotify.
  3. Once it loaded. Choose the playlist that you want to import
  4. After choosing, tap on the “Destination option.
  5. They will ask where you want to transfer.
  6. Now login to your SoundCloud and agree with their policy.
  7. It will automatically sync your data between Spotify and Soundcloud.

When you sync data, your data will be appeared public by default. Your playlists and tracks will be visible to everyone. Your liked audios will be found in the “likes” section.If you want to hide these, you have to reset your settings from public to private.

How to add songs to Spotify from Soundcloud

As we mentioned above, you can easily import music from Spotify to Soundcloud. Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to import your favorite music from Soundcloud onto Spotify?

Well, there is finally a solution! With Soundcloud to Spotify, you can import all of the tracks you’ve wanted to listen to onto Spotify in just a few simple steps. You can easily follow the given process.

  1. Open “tune My music” in your preferred browser.
  2. Now connect with SoundCloud. And load your playlist.
  3. Now choose any songs you wish to import or select the entire playlist.
  4. Now sign in to your Spotify account.
  5. And tap on the start moving option.
  6. Give them a confirmation, and your data will start to transfer.

The entire process is quick and easy, and it doesn’t require much hassle. So, give it a try for yourself. You might be surprised at just how much better your Spotify experience can be when you have all of your favorite music in one place.

Third-party Apps to import Spotify to Soundcloud – Transfer Music

The steps that we already told you will be helpful because they are authorized by Soundcloud.

But if you are facing the problem of importing music from Spotify to SoundCloud or vice versa, you can use third-party apps and sites. For example

  • Tuneskit
  • Viawizerd

Or you can import music from Spotify to SoundCloud or vice versa by downloading your favorite song from Spotify or SoundCloud and then uploading the MP3 file on the specific site.


Soundcloud and Spotify are both audio streaming sites. But sometimes, we may get bored with their basics, so if you don’t experience your all tracks in one place, you can import music from Spotify to SoundCloud or vice versa. But you must have an active GO+ Subscription on Soundcloud. And you can also use third-party apps for transferring songs from one place to another.

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