How can I Get Followers on TikTok without Downloading Apps – Best Guide

Tiktok is massively popular social media app. It is entirely video-based and allows its users to record and post short videos on the app. In addition to this, people can participate in challenges and trends. You can cover your favorite sounds or song. You can also easily create reaction videos to other creators. If you’re ready to grow your account on TikTok, we will show you how to get followers on TikTok without downloading apps.

Can you get followers on TikTok without any apps?

Many apps and services promise to give you followers on TikTok. Most of these apps offer followers for a certain amount of money. Thus, you can spend some amount of money in exchange for followers. However, most of these accounts are bots or inactive accounts. They will not give you engagement or increase your audience.

So, if you want to know how to gain followers on TikTok without such apps. We will show you how to grow your TikTok accounts organically. By following some simple tips, you can grow your account massively. Of course, all of this will also require you to post quality content consistently.

How does it work?

If you want to increase your follower count organically, there are many different ways to do so. By these tricks you will better optimize your content and increase your reach. So ultimately, you can target your audience better, and more people can discover your account.

Try using a popular hashtag

There are a lot of famous hashtags on TikTok that correlate to specific communities and subcultures. By including relevant hashtags in your captions, you make it easier for more people to discover your content.

You can also create a branded hashtag. It is a unique hashtag tied to your account or brand and lets people engage in conversation with you. These will increase interactivity, reach, and ultimately your follower count.

Promote on other platforms

Many people have accounts on multiple special media platforms. TikTok is still a fairly new app as compared to other social media giants. To increase your traffic you need to promote your content on multiple social media platforms. It will redirect many viewers to your TikTok account and increase your followers. Many people also like to repurpose TikTok videos for Instagram reels and youtube shorts. You can also try doing this to increase viewership and gain more followers.

Use TikTok ads

If you have a dedicated budget and are serious about increasing your followers, you can utilize the service of TikTok ads. Tiktok ads are still fairly new, but they benefit your account. With the TikTok ad manager, your can target your ads toward certain demographics or locations.

It will also provide you with management tools and insights reports. All of this can be very useful for learning more about your target audience and how to grow your account.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to gain followers without spending money. We have shared some simple, powerful tips if you want to know how to gain followers on TikTok without downloading apps. As long as you can post high-quality content and follow your tips for growing your account, you will massively increase your follower count in no time.

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