How Many Downloads Does TikTok Have? The Answer May Surprise You.

When it comes to social media apps, there is no doubt that TikTok reigns supreme. With over 2 billion downloads, it is the most popular app globally. But how does it compare to other social platforms? In this article, we will look at how many downloads TikTok has and how it compares to other social media apps.

TikTok is especially popular among Gen Z users, with over 60% of American teens using the app. It is also popular in other countries, including India, China, and Russia.

In 2022, TikTok is still in the lead as it became the most downloaded worldwide app in the first quarter. This information is based on the report published by the sensor tower “store intelligence data digest,” which shows that TikTok has been downloaded 175 million times since the start of this year.

The major achievement of this app is that it is the only app to surpass all of the apps owned by “Meta.”

How many downloads does TikTok have compared to other apps?

When we compare TikTok to other popular social media apps in the US, it’s clear that TikTok is leading the pack. For example, Snapchat has about 190 million daily active users, and Twitter has about 145 million daily active users. TikTok, however, has over 500 million daily active users!

And when it comes to Facebook they have about two billion active users. So, TikTok is still way behind compared to Facebook. One billion people per month are using TikTok monthly. Facebook has 2.9 billion, YouTube has 2.2 billion, and Instagram has 1.4 billion active users per month.

As we mentioned above, TikTok has been downloaded 175 million times in the year’s first quarter. It has surpassed the 10 billion count in the last nine quarters, competing with YouTube, which has had the same ratio for eight quarters.

Some Facts About TikTok Downloads

Tiktok is still rising with its trends and unique algorithm, and vast communities for every kind of niche. And it is in the top five apps in the app store. The only app on the list not owned by US or Meta.

Well, let us further explain how many downloads does TikTok have?

We have some facts to discuss about TikTok.

  • Tik Tok has more than a billion users monthly. Which means 83% of internet users have installed this app.
  • Also, it has surpassed Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
  • It has become the most downloaded non-game app with more than two billion downloads. It reached 383 million downloads in the first six months.
  • The parent company of TikTok has surpassed 350 billion dollars in value.
  • It is in the lead with daily active users with an average session rate of 10.85 minutes which is double the rate of Pinterest. Overall the users have spent 68 billion hours on the app till now.
  • Moreover, its growth rate is 800% in only America and it has more than 100 million users, which is 37 % of the US population. Most of the users are between 10 to 29 in age.
  • As it’s an influencer-based platform, where creators with 100 million followers earn 5 millions a year approximately.

Although it is banned in India and many other countries, it is still ranked 7th in Asia. India is the biggest market for TikTok, with 100 million downloads ranking this app in third place. It is still very popular worldwide, available in 150 countries with 145 languages.


Tiktok is the most popular app not owned by Meta and the US government. India and some other countries have banned this app. But as you’ve read above how many downloads TikTok have, it surely reflects the popularity of the app. It has crossed 2 billion downloads with the 1 billion active users. That’s how it surpassed Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

It also surpassed the growth rate of WhatsApp and YouTube in the last nine quarters. Now it is ranked 7th place in the Google Play Store and number one in the app store. Only US users spend 1.48 billion hours on this app.

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